Original artcles, breaf reports, case reports, and rewiew articles are encouraged for submission. Native Japanese language speakers must submit in Japanese. Non-Japanese language speakers can post English articles.

1) Instructions to authors

Click here to get instructions to authors. This document was revised on 2022/8/1.

Information other than format rules of manuscript is also described in this document. This document is revised on 2014/1/1. Please use the latest version.

2) Submission statement

Submission consent form must be written before submission. To display, print, or save submission consent form (pdf file), click here.

3) How to submit

Electronic files form of all manuscripts must be submitted by email attachment to jjcrs_ed@capj.or.jp

4) Charge

30,000 yen / one accepted article, 5,000 yen / printed page are charged. The rapid judgment fee for accepted and rejected articles is 50,000 yen and 20,000 yen, respectively.

Reduction of 20% of total charge is applied to people who belong to the hospitals that are members of Kaifukuki Rehabilitation Ward Association.

5) Commercial reprint

Commercial reprint is charged.


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