Reprint rule for JJCRS articles were clarified at the board meeting of Kaifukuki Rehabilitation Ward Association.

Flow of reprint request

Apply to JJCRS editorial office for the reprint request that includes name of the paper, area of citation, purpose or method of reprint, scheduled date to use, sample copy if possible, name of grant applicant, and status of author permission.

After the discussion of editorial board, executive board of Kaifukuki Rehabilitation Ward Association decide to permit or not.

Conditions to permit

1. Permission of corresponding author.

2. Limited to figures or tables. Reprint of the body of the paper is not permitted.

3. There is no holding back some data or twisting the conclusion.


Reprint for academic use is possible without any cost. Commercial reprint is charged.

a. 200,000 yen when number of volumes are 5,000 or less.

b. 300,000 yen when number of volumes are 5,001 or more.

c. 500,000 yen for web posting.


Update history

Upload of reprint rule
Decision of reprint rule
Remark of commercial reprint


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